Quality finishing touches on all files and prints

I guarantee I will spend time after your wedding or portrait shoot bringing the images up to a very high standard using brand leading software such as Photoshop.
There will always be some degree of 'hand finishing' of all images and even more time on those to be included on a CDs, DVDs, in photobooks, albums and especially for Italian storybooks and is generally included in the prices quoted on this website. Album and Italian storybook prices as quoted will include the time spent in post production and no extra charge is made.

There are basically two kinds of post wedding and portrait finishing that can be added:

  • Special effects, from simple black and whites to photo-montaging more than one picture such as in a contemporary Italian storybook album

  • Cosmetic retouching such as airbrushing the removal of an unwanted temporary skin blemish, or removing unsightly background picture spoiling features

Here are some examples of the ways pictures can be further edited.

After vibrance and sharpening have been added and a cleaning up of the background and below is the original.

Here in black and white I am taken back to the pleasures of the dark room and the early days of learning to take and process pictures.

If you want a significant amount of extra editing of files, prints and albums then it is best to discuss this before booking so that it can be taken into account when writing the contract and agreeing the price.

If an extra order of retouching is made after the wedding then a charge of £25 is made per hour of work. In an hour I can, depending on what is required, enhance the presentation of approximately 4 files.