Leather CD and DVD folios

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Leather CD/DVD presentation folios
These beautifully crafted folios come in black or white. Made in a robust hard back they have a hard wearing foam interior, a beautiful leather surface finish and in the case of Acerboni metal corners.

Images will be printed onto the CD or DVD as well as on the inside of the cover of the folio. The image will measure 4.5 by 4.5 inches in the case of acerboni or 4 by 5 inches in the case of other manufacturers. Images can be colour or black and white.

A CD of chosen images has become almost standard with modern digital wedding photography and allows the newlyweds the chance to use images on social networks and to print some images for personal use. For best printing Richard always advises newlyweds to return to him to guarantee quality of tone and colour and to avoid disappointing results.