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Newborn 6 days old - born at 12.06
Just noticed my Facebook page has reached 300 likes!

The recent baby and wedding photographs have been a big hit with people on Facebook and the numbers of likes has increased dramatically. It is very encouraging and I want to thank everyone who has visited my page and clicked the 'like' button.

Social media and word of mouth recommendation is very important in the wedding business so please keep spreading the word. If someone comes to me on recommendation from any of my Facebook fans i will give them a 10% discount.

My most popular post recently was the offer Oona and I have for booking both of us for your wedding or function. If you need music for your event then visit Oona's website at, you will not be disappointed. Also book me for photographs of whatever you are doing and we will both give you a 10% discount on our regular prices.

Once again - thansk for 'liking' my work!!

Best wishes,