Winter wedding with wheels!

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It may have been cold this winter but it has not stopped many from getting married and I have had a fantastic season photographing many beautiful brides, grooms and their families and friends. Still this couple were cozy in their Bentley and equally snug in the Wild Boar Hotel and Spa here in Cheshire.

Getting the picture exposure correct with all the bright white is not so easy and obvious but as a professional it has become second nature for me to set the camera up just right! Just using the camera on automatic just will not do, the cameras electronics are deceived about how bright the scene is, often even where the camera has a 'snow scene' on the dial or in the menu. You have also to think about that beautiful dress and keeping the detail clear too.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and if you are booking a wedding in the winter remember I offer a 10% winter discount.

If you are engaged, or know someone who is getting married, please tell them to contact me for a no obligations chat about the wedding and what to look for in your photographer.