What an autumn it has been so far!

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The brides have been especially stunning, and such a pleasure to photograph. Everyone has been thrilled with the pictures, as have I!

And the weather has been amazing, wet all the working week and flood warnings everywhere, and then the sun comes out on Saturday making the day for the bride and groom and of course for the photographs. Indoor images are of course great, and when people respond creatively to adverse weather some very unusual and remarkable images can be captured. It's all a matter of attitude, not allowing anything to spoil the day.

The venues have also been fantastic, the Churches wonderfully looked after and the Halls and Registry Offices prepared for the solumn but happy occasion. The people coordinating the weddings have also been very helpful and it always makes getting the image easier when those around you appreciate what you have to do. Of course this is a two way street, other people have their jobs to do too.

Many people have remarked very positively about ther photographs and how I try to help everyone to relax and to make it as much fun as possible. Many people now have a more open mind to having their picutre taken, and may even be looking forward to the next tme. It is always appreciated when people take the time to tell you you are doing a good job, especially when they give feedback on the website or any of the other places where you can review my work.