Quinn Glass Ltd - Children's Chritmas Party for employees

Article text
A very Happy Christmas from Santa!
I really enjoyed photographing the children at the Ramada hotel for their Christmas Party. They were mesmerised and captivated by the entertainer, and joined in with great enthusiasm all the games. I took a number of candid shots of the children laughing at the jokes and tricks, along with the serious business of pass-the-parcel. They had copious amounts of food and then the big event, Father Christmas!!

I had 45 minutes to do 55 portrait shots. My new elements lighting equipment did not let me down, nor did my trusty Nikon DSLR. Father Christmas was brilliant at helping to settle the children and give them their presents.

The resulting pictures are brilliant and the Mums and Dads, as well as the company social club, are very pleased with the results, many ordering extra.

They are going to book me again next year - I am all for repeat bookings!

Merry Christmas.